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Jugendherberge in Kyoto, Japan

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Guest House Bola-Bola, 25-17 Horigauchi-cho Uzumasa Ukyoku Kyoto city
   im Zimmer ab: €24.09
Guest House Bola-Bola
Opened in March 2006,this newly opened guest house is located in Western Kyoto. Weitere Info... »
IchiEnSou, 4-2 Komatsu-Chou SijoSagaru 4 Choume YamatoOojiDou
   Schlafsaal ab: €30.88
D. herberge muss für mindestens 3 Nächte gebucht werden.
IchiEnSou was renovated in late 2007 to make your stay as comfortable as possible and yet retain the orig Weitere Info... »
Small World Guesthouse in Kyoto, 25-10 Shimotorida-Tyou Murasakino
   im Zimmer ab: €25.15
Small World Guesthouse in Kyoto
A guesthouse located in a quiet alley in Kyoto created from a refurbished small Weitere Info... »
Hostel Kyotokko (ex Kyoto Cheapest Inn), 783 Sabamatsu-cho, Marutamachi-dori Matsuyacyo Nis
   Schlafsaal ab: €28.23
Hostel Kyotokko (ex Kyoto Cheapest Inn)
Welcome to the cheapest accommodation in Kyoto located in the heart of the city... Weitere Info... »
Guesthouse Origami, 766 Honryuu Suichou Simogyo ku,Kyoto si, Kyoto pre
   Schlafsaal ab: €35.29
Guesthouse Origami
Located just 5-minute walk from Shijo station and Karasuma station, easy transportation enables you to use your holiday in Japan at its full potential in Guesthouse Origami. Weitere Info... »
The Prime Pod Kyoto, 9th Floor, Nakajimacho 90, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto
   Schlafsaal ab: €65.29
The Prime Pod Kyoto is clean and modern accommodation. Weitere Info... »
Japaning Hotel Oxa, 70,Saiin inui-cho,ukyo-ku,Kyoto
   im Zimmer ab: €84.70
A mix of modern and vintage,Japaning Hotel Oxa is located on the main street of Shijo-dori, Kyoto's main street, a 7-minute walk from Hankyu Saiju Train Station Weitere Info... »
Guesthouse WASABI Kyoto SOBA, Shin Hakusuimaru-cho 456-3,
   Schlafsaal ab: €39.71
Guesthouse WASABI Kyoto SOBA is third branch of WASABI. We have Japanese style tatami rooms and Japanese capsule rooms. Weitere Info... »
Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto, 6-503 Gojohashi Higashi, Higashiyama-ku
   Schlafsaal ab: €34.41
Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto
Designed for both business and leisure travel, Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto is ideally situated in Higashiyama / Gion. Weitere Info... »
Hostel Ayame, 27 Sujakukitanokuchich?
   im Zimmer ab: €52.06
Hostel Ayame is the renovation of traditional architecture that lasts more than 100 years to a comfortable space. Weitere Info... »
Khaosan Kyoto Theater, 346 Iseyacho Rokkaku-sagaru Gokomachi-dori Nakagyo
   Schlafsaal ab: €39.71
Khaosan Kyoto Theater
D. herberge muss für mindestens 2 Nächte gebucht werden.
We are No.1 hostel group in Japan! World's first 'Kimono Bed', Located in heart of Kyoto, Cozy bar lounge and Amazing access for sightseeing! Weitere Info... »
Sparkling Dolphins Inn Kyoto, Kamigoreicho 56,Higashi Kujyo
   Schlafsaal ab: €26.47
Sparkling Dolphins Inn Kyoto
Das Sparkling Dolphins Inn Kyoto wurde 2008 eröffnet und befindet sich nur 6 Gehminuten von einer Haltestelle der JR Kyoto Line entfernt. Ganz in d... Weitere Info... »
Comics & CapsuleHotel COMICAP kyotoshinkyogoku, kyotoshinakagyokuhigashigawamachi525-1
   Schlafsaal ab: €52.76
Comicap is basically a accommodation facility in the form of capsule hotel.Here we present to customers a comic-fusion style relaxation with tens of thousands of comics. Weitere Info... »
Nine Hours Kyoto, 588 Teianmaeno-cho, Shimogyo-ku
   Schlafsaal ab: €70.59
Nine Hours Kyoto
Nine Hours Kyoto has easy transportation and access to the famous attractions such as Kiyomizu-dera temple and Yasaka temples, Nijo castle and the romantic streets of Gion for Geisha spotting. Weitere Info... »
Bird Hostel, Marutamachi-douri karasuma-nishiiru
   Schlafsaal ab: €44.12
Bird hostel is in Kyoto city which is the heart of Kansai area. It is located next to the Impearl Palace which is a beautiful location for tourist to see and experience Japanese culture. Weitere Info... »
You En Me House, 401 Kamigojo-cho
   Schlafsaal ab: €35.29
You En Me House
You may also share your travel experience and information with other travelers in the common living room. Weitere Info... »
Mosaic Hostel Kyoto, Minami-ku Nishikujo Kasugacho 4-1
   Schlafsaal ab: €35.29
   im Zimmer ab: €44.12
?Mosaic Hostel Kyoto? is located right by the major transportation hub of Kyoto Station. Weitere Info... »
Centurion Cabin & Spa Kyoto, 68?2 Tachiuri Nishi-machi
   Schlafsaal ab: €70.59
Conveniently located in central kyoto, Centurion Cabin & Spa Kyoto is a 2-minute walk from sijou Subway Station. Weitere Info... »
Guest House Kyoto Inn, 15 Sujaku shokaicho shimogyo-ku
   Schlafsaal ab: €37.06
Guest House Kyoto Inn is very close to Kyoto Station and excellent for couples, solo adventurers, families (with kids), and big groups. Weitere Info... »
Colours, 660 Funaya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
   im Zimmer ab: €66.18
Colours is located in quiet residential area even though it takes only 10 minutes walking to down town area. You may also share your travel experience and information with other travelers in the common living room. Weitere Info... »
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