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Jugendherberge in Kyoto, Japan

Alle Hostel-Preise pro Person.
Backpackers Hostel K's House Kyoto, 418 Nayachou
   Schlafsaal ab: €19.48
   im Zimmer ab: €28.78
Backpackers Hostel K
Voted Best Hostel in Asia and Japan 2012. Clean, cozy and friendly hostel. 9min walk from JR Kyoto station. Weitere Info... »
J-Hoppers Kyoto Guest House, 51-2, Nakagoryo-cho
   Schlafsaal ab: €15.94
   im Zimmer ab: €23.91
J-Hoppers Kyoto Guest House
8 min walk from Kyoto Sta. A hostel of/for/by backpackers. We welcome you with custom-made roomy bed Weitere Info... »
Khaosan Kyoto Guest House, 568 Nakanocho, Bukkoji-agaru
   Schlafsaal ab: €24.79
   im Zimmer ab: €28.34
Khaosan Kyoto Guest House
We have free Wi-Fi and Internet on every floor, free coffee and tea and a relaxing tatami living room, in the heart of Kyoto. Weitere Info... »
Kyoto Hana Hostel, 229 Akezu-dori Street, Kogawa-cho
   Schlafsaal ab: €15.94
   im Zimmer ab: €31.88
Kyoto Hana Hostel
A Japanese ryokan met a western backpackers hostel and became Hana Hostel. Free Wi-Fi, bike rental, spacious kitchen. Weitere Info... »
Guest House Renjishi Kabuki, 670-5.Kakimoto-cho,Inokumadori Gojyo Kudaru
   Schlafsaal ab: €13.28
   im Zimmer ab: €19.48
Guest House Renjishi Kabuki
At Kyoto Guest House Renjishi Kabuki we offer clean, comfortable accommodation at affordable prices and enjoy a great location. Weitere Info... »
IchiEnSou, 4-2 Komatsu-Chou SijoSagaru 4 Choume YamatoOojiDou
   Schlafsaal ab: €20.37
D. herberge muss für mindestens 2 Nächte gebucht werden.
IchiEnSou was renovated in late 2007 to make your stay as comfortable as possible and yet retain the orig Weitere Info... »
Jam Hostel Kyoto Gion, Tokiwacho170 Higashiyama Kyoto
   Schlafsaal ab: €12.40
Jam Hostel Kyoto Gion
Walking distance to many major tourist (Unesco World Heritage) sites, shops, restaurants and bars. Good services & competitive rates. Weitere Info... »
Hostel HARUYA Aqua, 1-12 Waki-cho
   Schlafsaal ab: €17.53
Hostel HARUYA Aqua
8 min from Kyoto station. the 100years old typical architecture of Japanese traditional townhouse.1 way access to Kiyomizu, Gion, Golden Pavilion. Weitere Info... »
Guest House Yahata, 544 Yahata-cho, Gojo-agaru
   Schlafsaal ab: €22.14
   im Zimmer ab: €30.99
Guest House Yahata
We have free breakfast and free internet, just five min' walk from Subway Gojo Station. One stop from JR Kyoto Station... Weitere Info... »
A-yado Gion, 3F Sakura bldg., 244-2, Nakano-cho, 2 chome
   Schlafsaal ab: €14.61
A-yado Gion
A-yado - die charmante Unterkunft im Herzen Kyotos Erst seit 2009 hat unser guest house A-yado-Gion seine Pforten im kulturellen Zentrum Japans, in K... Weitere Info... »
Guest House Bola-Bola, 25-17 Horigauchi-cho Uzumasa Ukyoku Kyoto city
   Schlafsaal ab: €24.17
Guest House Bola-Bola
Opened in March 2006,this newly opened guest house is located in Western Kyoto. Weitere Info... »
Jiyujin, 524,Izumi-cho,gojo-sagaru,
   Schlafsaal ab: €23.02
   im Zimmer ab: €28.78
Guest house is Generally cheap accommodation and the mainly style is European plan. Main features are, Y Weitere Info... »
Hostel Mundo, 596 Tenbin-Tyo Kamigyo-ku
   Schlafsaal ab: €13.28
Hostel Mundo
This herberge requires a minimum stay of 2 nights at weekends.
The tatami-mat lounge is a perfect place for backpackers to talk about where they've been and where they'll go next over tea or sake. Weitere Info... »
Kyoto Guesthouse Roujiya, 22-58, Ikenouchi-cho, Nishinokyo, Nakagyo-ku
   Schlafsaal ab: €30.99
   im Zimmer ab: €39.85
Kyoto Guesthouse Roujiya
Roujiya-feel right at home in the heart of Kyoto Our guesthouse opened on the 24th of Jun 2010! Weitere Info... »
Guesthouse Bon, 63-2 Kamimonzen-cho Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto Japan
   im Zimmer ab: €23.91
Guesthouse Bon
Cozy, Clean, Relaxed. We are located next to Daitoku-Ji Temple, a Zen temple famous for its gardens. Als Weitere Info... »
Hostel Kyotokko (ex Kyoto Cheapest Inn), 783 Sabamatsu-cho, Marutamachi-dori Matsuyacyo Nis
   Schlafsaal ab: €20.37
   im Zimmer ab: €22.14
Hostel Kyotokko (ex Kyoto Cheapest Inn)
Welcome to the cheapest accommodation in Kyoto located in the heart of the city... Weitere Info... »
Gojo Guest House, 3-396-2 Gojobashihigashi
   Schlafsaal ab: €17.71
   im Zimmer ab: €26.57
Gojo Guest House
A place where you would want to come back. We try to keep a cozy, home-like atmosphere where you can relax and chill out after your long day of traveling. Weitere Info... »
Small World Guesthouse in Kyoto, 25-10 Shimotorida-Tyou Murasakino
   Schlafsaal ab: €15.94
Small World Guesthouse in Kyoto
A guesthouse located in a quiet alley in Kyoto created from a refurbished small Weitere Info... »
Gion Ryokan Q-beh, 505-3
   Schlafsaal ab: €22.14
   im Zimmer ab: €44.28
Gion Ryokan Q-beh
Located in the heart of Gion which is the most important sightseeing area in Kyoto. 100-year-old ryokan renovated with the latest facilities.Please experience the traditional feel of the ancient Kyoto Weitere Info... »
Guest House Kinta, 462,Matubarananseigomon-machi,
   Schlafsaal ab: €19.13
Guest House Kinta
We strive to provide the place where you can truly feel Kyoto, a foothold for both travelers from all over the world and for people who have fallen in love with Japan. Weitere Info... »
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