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Jugendherberge in Pingyao, China

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Pingyao Harmony Backpacker Guesthouse, No 1 Duan Xiang Xi Da Jie
   im Zimmer ab: €12.86
Pingyao Harmony Backpacker Guesthouse
Located in the beautiful ancient city of Pingyao, Harmony Backpacker Guest House offers a relaxing hav Weitere Info... »
Zhengjia International Youth Hostel, No.68 Yamen Street, PingYao
   Schlafsaal ab: €5.71
Zhengjia International Youth Hostel
Zhengjia Hotel is a hotel in Pingyao. Our hotel has four departments: accommodation, catering........... Weitere Info... »
Tian Yuan Kui Hotel, 73 Ming Qing Street
   im Zimmer ab: €25.71
Tian Yuan Kui Hotel
Tian Yuankui Hotel, which originated from the Qianlong year of the Qing Dynasty, is one of the most ancient hotels existing in Pingyao Town... Weitere Info... »
Pingyao Fly by Knight Courtyard, No. 16, North Street
   Schlafsaal ab: €9.71
   im Zimmer ab: €9.14
Pingyao Fly by Knight Courtyard
It is located in the very center of Pingyao ancient city, with the entrance of the walking street right outside of the courtyard, its location provides the best choice for any traveler who would like to enjoy the peaceful and yet local vibe of Pingyao. Weitere Info... »
Harmony Hotel, NO.1 Duan Lane
   im Zimmer ab: €12.00
Harmony Hotel
Located on the west street of Pingyao, Harmony hotel is a new branch of Harmony Corporation and offers a relaxing haven to all travellers. Weitere Info... »
Pingyao Jiaxin Guesthouse, North Gate, next to the Beiguang Kindergarten
   Schlafsaal ab: €4.14
   im Zimmer ab: €8.14
Pingyao Jiaxin Guesthouse features rooms with traditional Chinese-style decoration. Weitere Info... »
Pingyao 1 Home, NO.1 Fojiaohui alley
   im Zimmer ab: €11.43
Pingyao 1 Home hostel inherits the style of Chinese han culture in thousand years,has own history feelings. Weitere Info... »
Meet Spring Villa, The No.3 Yunlu street ,Pingyao city
   im Zimmer ab: €4.76
Feng Sheng Quan county in southern Pingyao have a legend: spring, cool fragrance, gladdening the heart an Weitere Info... »
Pingyao Jin Tai Sheng Inn, No.63 East Main Street
   im Zimmer ab: €9.43
Pingyao Jin Tai Sheng Inn
Located in the heart of Pingyao Old Town, Pingyao Jin Tai Sheng Inn is 100 metres from Ming and Qing Dynasties Street, the famous tourist sites. Ri Sheng Chang is only 200 metres away. Weitere Info... »
Hong Yu Yuan Family Guesthouse, Nan Da Jie 167
   im Zimmer ab: €12.00
Hongyuyuan hotel unique traditional style, maintain the original architectural style of the ancient Ming Weitere Info... »
Wu De Di Cultural Theme Hotel, 34 Shuyuan Avenue
   im Zimmer ab: €28.43
Pingyao Wu De Di Culture Theme Hotel provided with a back garden, roof viewing platform, leisure hall, allowing you to carefully taste the culture tour. Weitere Info... »
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